Jody Scott

An Orientation, or ... Why this Site?

Dear Reader,

Publishers tell me that you are too bovine, pampered, lazy and dependent on that feedbag of cloyingly pernicious flattery that has been hung on the American nose by corporate con artists--or to put it in plain English they say that YOU are too busy acting the part of a brainwashed zombie on the treadmill of a most asinine consumerism to desire anything in the way of literature that might be daring, or genuinely original, or subversive or Really Far Out instead of down on its flabby, trembling knees to the Same Old Same-Old that is being shoved down our collective throat like so much sugar-coated, Prozac-laced Ritalin sprinkled on the weird orange gunk that passes for cheese in what used to be America the Land of the Free (remember?), uh--excuse me; hold on a minute, I may have gone too far here (...); URP! Gross. Horrible. Oy vey... Gag, choke, spew; choke some more; gasp, stumble to the curb and bend over...I may blow these awful cookies at any second but you do get the point, I hope. (wipes mouth, straightens manfully to continue diatribe in milder tone)

Is ithis point of view the truth, dear reader? Or is it just what the puppet masters want to be true?

Their deeply held, never admitted assumptions are that you are stupid, spoiled children who must be flattered, never spoken a difficult truth to and manipulated as "consumers" so as to form an efficient market for boring books which are merely commodities the same as widgets, computers or loaves of bread.

Ideas that truly challenge, writing that is truly original, these things do not fit neatly into an established slot and so will never be seen by YOU.

There exists an army of agents, editors, publicists, distributors, etc.,all of whom in the normal course of the insane world of publishing, will make damned sure of that.

But now with this wackazoid internet me and thee, dear reader, can actually (more or less) communicate directly. WOW!

So the purpose of this site is to entertain YOU, the reader--and to make you acquainted with the mind of Jody Scott, ME, the writer--an unconventional, iconoclastic, underappreciated, ink-stained wretch (like all writers).

So please read on if you are ready to experience something new and possibly unpleasant, painful, thrilling, enlightening, annoying or at least not within the bounds of ordinary conventional thinking-- otherwise why would I bother with the tough job of putting together such a website in the first place, huh, if not for your delectation in the interests of true communication for once in our pitifully unfree but idiotically boastful, short, painful yet wildly exhilarating little lives? Waddaya say, are you with me for a change, partner? Yours truly, Jody Scott RSVP!




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