Censorship in Our Time? Of Course Not! How Could You Even THINK Such a Thing?

Jody Scott has written many novels, short stories, plays and essays, most of which have not been published because they are characterized as "Too far out" or "Over our audience's head," "Controversial," etc. These include KISS THE WHIP (not about sex), GIRL TALK, FRIENDLY FIRE and many another--including STARMASTERS. Harlan Ellison had this to say about this title: "You can't title a novel Starmasters!" Oh really, Harlan baby? Izzat so! Well I like you a lot, dude; I think you're swell but hey, I guess it all depends on the size of one's imagination, the sweep of a writer's perspective--in this case STARMASTERS means exactly what it says: in this novel we, meaning all humans, are immortal beings, decayed gods who created this and an infinite number of other universes before going amnesiac (if that's OK with you) and here are a few reviews from writers who've checked out the novel in a more uncramped frame of mind:

Michael Shea:

Jody Scott is like a mad cabbie who knows most of the streets in town and knows where the laughs are--get into her rig and she'll take you on a fast and furious spin through America's ideological terrain. What a loony, careening, fuel-injected vehicle her language is! How it corners, and takes off like a rocket on the straightaway! Too many writers of speculative fiction drive a dead-stick prose that putts along, never reaching the horizon-spanning vantage points their sweeping plotlines lay claim to. Scott writes a hot, combustive English, an alembic wherein Raymond Chandler and Ms Wollenstonecraft-Shelley undergo an unholy and hilarious merger and a new Frankenstein's Monster is born. And one wishes that the many Quest novels being written today understood as well as this novel does what The Quest centrally and eternally is--the balanced discovery and acceptance of self and cosmos--and that those many novelists grasped even a tenth as well as Scott does the humor essential to every Quest. Sam Gargoyle is one of the best Cosmic Fools I've read in a long time.

And from The Great Barry Malzberg Himself:

STARMASTERS is a stunner. This wild sendup of Bester, Azimov, Chandler and about 50 other people (none of whom has Scott's utter clarity and focus, only one of whom, Bester, her technical resources) with its odd and strangely moving opening and closing chapters, which frame the voice, is one of the most inventive, disturbing science fiction novels written in this century. At this very near view (check with me in a couple of decades) it looks like a masterpiece.

and from Ian Watson:

STARMASTERS is a uniquely crazy book full of vigor, verve, vivacity, with some vital things to say about our schlock society. At the same time it's a Commando Saga of the best. And what John Sladek does for robots, Jody Scott does for androids, too.

Those three are the only writers (or readers) who saw the book--oh, and here's a sample rejection I received, from St. Martin's Press:

Dear Jody Scott,

Michael Denneny asked me to express his appreciation for the opportunity to read STARMASTERS, While it is well done (and Michael thinks it would do quite well with an editor and house who respond to it), that subjective chemistry between ms. and editor just didn't click.

Best of luck with it and thanks again for the opportunity to consider.

Cordially,Paul Liepa, Asst. Ed.

Here's another from Simon & Schuster :

Dear Jody, It was nice to meet you several months back.

I've enjoyed reading KISS THE WHIP but regret to say that, at least at this point in my career, our interests (or my expertise) do not coincide. You clearly know exactly what you are doing in this novel, and bring the story off with remarkable poise and narrative tension. But it is not the sort of book that I know how to publish well. Etc. I'm sorry. Sincerely, Allen H. Peacock, Linden Press, Simon & Schuster

These are two honest, ethical editors. Others are not. Agents? Those guys deserve a book of their own

About GIRL TALK, I sent it to a publisher (Naiad) whose editor actually phoned and screamed at me, "Scold scold scold scold scold!" she scolded, for writing a nasty, uncouth book about trailer trash lesbians and their murderous affairs (sob).


I mean--how many writers would honestly let you read their rejection slips?! I have dozens more like this, both good and bad but my fingers are tired copying so that is quite enough.

Now you see why you need to PLEASE send me a check for any amount so I can continue writing and not starve or go crazy--like Vincent Van Gogh, another victim of a cruel, stupid System.

Thank you and great blessings be unto you, my dear friend. Yours sincerely, Jody Scott.




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